“Spooky 8” tells the story of how a team of contracted, American civilians, negotiated a treacherous path through the rain forests of South America, then back to the United States after being set-up and double crossed by elements of their own government. Of how one member of the team continued on through the back-stabbing and ruthless corridors of Washington, DC to find answers for their betrayal, and how this team finally came to grips with the reality of their betrayal. (From the publisher)

This is a great book for anyone wanting to read more about American’s possible involvement in unsanctioned covert operations, and the victims they left behind. It will open your eyes to the world of team W45B7S-8, known to some as “Spooky 8”, and to the possibility of an “unsanctioned” arm of our government.Announcement-2

Besides the hundreds of card-carrying “operators” that were so important to this countries security, there were just as many, and perhaps more out there who were not listed on any official government agencies payroll. Untold numbers of civilians were also used in this country’s “secret war” against terrorism and the threat to our way of life. Teams of highly skilled and motivated men and women who chose to fight the secret battles for America knowing they would never be acknowledged to have ever existed.

“The Final Mission: Spooky 8” is the story of one of those groups of people.

From the author:

Keep an open mind.  Don’t get hung up on promotional hype, technical errors or misspelled words resulting from editing by the publisher.  This book is not about the military, it’s about politics.  Remember, it’s not about how it’s being said, it’s about WHAT is being said!  What I want people to do is consider the possibilities, pay attention to what is going on around them, and seek the truth for themselves.  Don’t let anyone tell you what or what not to believe.  Make that decision for yourself!

Choose to believe it or not, it’s a fast-paced, can’t-put-it-down, in-your-face, book of intrigue, suspense and betrayal. You can purchase your copy of the paperback, “The Final Mission: Spooky 8” from Amazon.com and other online book stores. (From the Webmaster)

“Thank a Veteran for your Freedom”

“Thank a Politician for the Freedoms You’ve Lost”



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